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Smart Workflow Automation Solutions

The need for process management

As technology advances, it creates new demands and opportunities for business. Distribution channels expand, competition crosses borders, and customers demand more personalized solutions at competitive prices. Savvy business owners must therefore implement process management solutions in order to define core processes that can be leveraged as competitive differentiators.

Process management involves the formal analysis of the assets, products, operating environments and procedures that define a business. This data, which includes workflow, transaction, and information exchange models, is captured and analyzed.

Intelligent software technology

Probus develops a variety of workflow solutions to support process management and reengineering activities. First, we identify, model, andWorkflow solutions company in NJ document as-is processes and to-be targets. Processes are documented based on customer requirements, using techniques that include IDEF, UML, BPML,queue networks, use cases, and activity diagrams. Once models are available and relevant assets have been identified, our consultants can develop process automation and decision support solutions.

Smarter analysis, smarter results

Probus provides a wide range of process automation and decision support solutions for commercial and government applications, including:

  • Consulting
  • Software Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management

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