"Experts in the application of artificial intelligence concepts and decision support tools since 1988"

Probus Smart Solutions

Smarter planning, smarter execution

When millions of dollars or hundreds of lives depend on the next push of a button, mistakes are not an option. To that end, Probus solutions don't replace key decision makers. We empower them to execute actions with confidence, knowing the information at their disposal is accurate and relevant to the task at hand.

Your systems … built smarter

Probus pairs sophisticated computational concepts with advanced modeling and optimization techniques to reduce business costs and multiply capacity— ensuring that your systems are as agile as you need them to be.

From analysis to concept to completion, Probus helps you create a smarter system and a smarter workforce for unprecedented results.

Explore our solutions:

Empower your team to:

Make smarter decisions faster with available time, resulting
from the automation of repetitive procedures and greater
availability of salient information

Multiply efficacy as the value of user actions are increased by the
power of the underlying system and the breadth of the data available

Work efficiently using a cost-effective system with increased
productivity potential

Think more broadly with advanced decision support
capabilities, freeing users to focus on higher-level execution

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