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Probus Industries

Smarter solutions to meet unique client goals

Probus works with a variety of high-profile clients in government, telecommunications and other industries to solve a wide array of logistical problems. From initial proposal to final implementation and support, our team partners closely with each client to develop unique software solutions that address the exact needs outlined.

NJ_Probus_technologiesThe client examples below illustrate the breadth and depth of our technical capability, along with our adaptive, agile approach to system design, incremental improvement, and quality assurance. We utilize custom-built software and prepackaged suites to find the right solution for your organization.

Some previous client projects:

AT&T: By uncovering implementation issues and removing bottlenecks, our software experts streamlined a previously struggling service order system, bringing it up to speed to meet client needs.

IBM: Probus worked closely with development teams to create a project management system that eliminated concerns about simultaneously affecting multiple projects with shared code updates.

GTN Technologies: Customers of GTN's online travel reservation system needed an easier way to pay with credit cards, so we designed a billing application for faster transactions and less user hassle.

Unixpros: Probus provided management services and support solutions that generated greater customer response and more efficient software development in a multi-application environment.

Lucent Technologies: With short deadlines and a tight budget, our consultants created a quality assurance process that helped Lucent complete projects with renewed confidence.

Department of Navy: Our engineers upgraded military supply plans by researching and applying genetic algorithms, multi-agent systems, autonomous test generation, and virtual reality for unparalleled optimization.

Tellium: Probus trained staff in advanced system test practices,
including the use of new network verification and validation systems to assure high quality performance of critical systems.

State of New Jersey: To better process electronic resumes, our developers created a natural language artificial intelligence system to quickly parse data and increase information flow between state centers.

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