"Experts in the application of artificial intelligence concepts and decision support tools since 1988"

About Probus

Our team works efficiently so yours can too

Established in 1998, Probus is a leading provider of engineering and information technology software solutions designed to improve operations and the end user experience.

Our goal is to deliver smarter solutions so you can make faster decisions. We enhance your existing systems with incremental improvements, allowing users to maintain familiarity while increasing their actionable options. With more information at hand, decisions are made with greater confidence and efficiency.

Probus engineers, programmers and analysts hold advanced degrees in their respective fields. Together, we form a tightly-run company that offers focused results without unnecessary bureaucracy or overhead costs.

Building on your success

Your systems already work, but could they be working smarter?

Instead of replacing your current systems, we augment them, giving users new, powerful ways to interact with existing information. Our software allows your team to transition from tasks that may be routine or repetitive, giving them additional time to evaluate data and make more informed decisions faster than ever before.

By applying advanced system design and deployment management techniques, we enhance and expand upon your existing infrastructure to minimize the costs and burdens of retraining. With access to more time and higher quality information, your team will see increased productivity, decreased fatigue— and smarter results.

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