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Smart Modeling and Simulation

Engaging virtual reality environments

At Probus, we combine cutting-edge science, engineering and creativity to develop virtual reality environments for concept testing. Using virtual reality technology, we create immersive simulations for users to become part of the modeling environment. We create 3-D virtual worlds that are engaging and life-like.

Probus engineers create these virtual worlds for modeling processes and protoyping devices that do not yet exist. The goal is to verify modeling and simulation company in NJengineering concepts and understand the interaction of system parts, as well as the system as a whole. We are specialists in the development of virtual worlds using the CAVEĀ® environment and other 3-D devices.

Examples of our work include:

  • Created an aircraft carrier flight simulation in a CAVEĀ® immersive virtual reality environment for defining and testing UAV handling procedures
  • Integration of motion capture devices that immerse users and make them active participants in virtual environments
  • Simulation of naval mission operations
  • Development of models compatible with Second Life virtual world

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