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Smart Quality Assurance Solutions

The problem

Probus provides multiple services to address business software
quality assurance needs:

  • Evaluation of project maturity and identification of testing needs
  • Staffing of system test team
  • Management of system test resources
  • Creation of test strategy documents
  • Definition of test procedures from software requirement specifications and operations documents
  • Assessment and recommendation of test technologies and tools
  • Automation of test production and execution
  • Modeling of systems
  • Testing of performance and reliability
  • Implementation of simulators
  • Identification and collection of metrics
  • Verification of project management processes including: version control, defect tracking, test execution tracking, and document management systems

Smarter test stage progression

Probus introduces quality assurance measures to all stages of the project lifecycle.

NJ Quality Assurance company Probus

Feasibility and Project Assessment Phase: Estimation of time to market, resources needed for achieving quality goals, and the impact of the inclusion or removal of specific product features.

Requirements and Engineering Phase: Evaluation of requirements based on testability, completeness, correctness, and clarity.

System Architecture and Design Phase: Provide input to the development team to ensure all system features are being addressed. Review of design documentation to verify that defect observability is not compromised by system architecture and design characteristics.

System Implementation Phase: Develop test tools and provide feedback on system usability and operations. Identify the test plans, procedures and statistics to use during the quality assurance phase.

Quality Assurance Phase: Implement strategies to uncover software defects, manage defect reports, and collect metrics to keep an up-to-date assessment of test progress.

Initial Customer Release Phase: Serve as a liaison between product support and customers. Coordinate resolution of customer-found defects. Verify updates to product documentation sets and training materials.

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