"Experts in the application of artificial intelligence concepts and decision support tools since 1988"

Probus Site Map

Home: Probus is a leading technology and software development company based in New Jersey. Probus specializes in artificial intelligence and decision support tools for a wide variety of applications and many types of clients.

Industries: Probus works with a variety of clients in government, telecommunications and other industries. We work with national brands like AT&T, Lucent and Department of Navy.

Solutions: Probus pairs sophisticated computational concepts with advanced modeling and optimization techniques to reduce business costs and multiply capacity. Our solutions include: Workflow Automation, Modeling & Simulation, Quality Assurance and Instrumentation.

Technologies: Using artificial intelligence concepts to improve technology, Probus works in many capacities to develop customized software solutions for challenges of every scope like Workflow Automation, Software Development and Process Planning.

About Us: As a leading provider of engineering and information technology software solution, Probus has developed Workflow Automation, Modeling & Simulation, Quality Assurance and Instrumentation solutions. Probus Solutions are designed to improve operations and the end user experience.

Contact Us: Contact Probus in New Jersey to find out how our engineers can help with your Modeling & Simulation, Quality Assurance, Software Development, and other needs.

Resources: Explore these valuable industry resources to see how Probus can help you leverage your existing infrastructure to improve operations, streamline processes and increase profitability.