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Probus Test Systems has been awarded a Seaport-e contract  for Zone 1 - Northeast United States. Probus Test Systems provides custom application software, embedded design and product development services to both industry and government. Our services include system architecture, application programming, embedded hardware & software design, and quality assurance. Our management team and senior staff have vast experience successfully implementing technology based projects.

Task Orders

At this point there are no task orders awarded under SeaPort-e contract N00178-12-D-7013.

Team Members


hJm Consulting, LLC. 

hJm Consulting, LLC is a Veteran- Owned Small Business founded in 2010, providing Program/Project Management, System Engineering, System Integration, and Test and Evaluation expertise to NAVAIR Lakehurst and PMA-251 for the ADMACS and Weapons Decision Support System (WDSS) programs, PMA-213 for Joint Precision Approach Landing System (JPALS), and PMA-268 for the Navy Unmanned Combat Air System (N-UCAS).



Net-Scale Technologies, Inc. 

Net-Scale is an information technology and research and development business founded in 2002 by former AT&T and Bell Labs Scientists. Net-Scale specializes in emerging mobile applications, multimedia and unified communications, robotics, computer vision and machine learning.



Viecore FSD Inc. 

Viecore Federal Systems Division, Inc. designs, develops, and supports decision support technologies and data management systems. It offers various products including the DaVinci toolkit for building collaborative planning, rehearsal, and monitoring systems with decision support; the Viecore FSD Decision Support System, a framework, which enables application developers to build mission-critical expert system applications; and the Complex Environment Reasoning Toolkit that enables war fighters to understand an operational environment. The company also provides system development, experimentation, and technology/transition services. Viecore Federal Systems Division, Inc. serves the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marines, U.S. Navy, Defense Research, Joint Forces, Homeland Security, and Foreign Military Sales.

Recent Experience

Contract/ Task Order Number: N68335-09-G-0004

Program Names: ACES, ORION, WDSS

Functional Areas: 3.1 Research and Development |3.2 System and Process Engineering |3.3 Modeling and Simulation |
3.5 System Documentation |3.6 Software Engineering |3.10 Configuration Management |3.11 Quality Assurance |3.12 Information Technology (IT) Support |3.14 Test and Evaluation

Probus implemented the Weapons Decision Support System (WDSS) based on advanced artificial intelligence concepts. The Probus team produced WDSS system and software requirements, architecture and design documentation, evaluated ADMACS quality assurance plans, identified the test strategies, and quality assurance metrics to use in the project and implemented product software.

In the ACES project, the team developed system emulators for multiple Aircraft Launch and Recovery Systems (ALRE) used in aircraft carriers. The tasking included producing a systems requirements specification, establishing the ACES test lab for ALRE systems, setup of lab servers and workstations, setup of configuration management infrastructure, producing documentation of the created emulator development framework, and providing on-site support for ACES lab users.

For the ORION project, the team participated in the development of gesture recognition devices used to command naval unmanned air vehicles (UAV) by building virtual reality simulations that incorporated interaction with prototype human-machine interfaces (HMI). The team also participated in the modeling and simulation of aircraft carrier deck operations.

Point of Contact: Michael Malesich, (732) 323-4877, michael.malesich@navy.mil

Program Name: SBIR Phase 2 Intelligent Agents

Functional Areas: 3.1 Research and Development |3.2 System and Process Engineering |3.5 System Documentation |3.6 Software Engineering

Research multiagent system architectures to implement decision support aids capable of autonomously generating plans for the arrangement of ordnance in aircraft carrier magazines, design of ordnance staging areas in carrier hangar bays, and the identification of mitigation actions to address unexpected situations during underway replenishment events. The system implements intelligent software agent using artificial intelligence technologies. A fleet project team (FPT), representing three aircraft carriers, was established to identify agent business rules, planning methods, process workflows, and to review project software requirements specification (SRS). The project is using a tailored Systems Engineering Technical Review (SETR) review process to facilitate project transition to the Fleet. The team will produce an SRS, software design specification, software architecture diagram, software test plans, and will conduct a demonstration of the intelligent agents within the Aviation Data Management and Control System (ADMACS).

Point of Contact: Robert Meseroll, (732) 323-1078, robert.meseroll@navy.mil

Quality Assurance Program

Probus team members have extensive experience in the definition of quality assurance (QA) processes for software systems. Our philosophy consists in introducing quality assurance measures to all stages of the project lifecycle. The key component of the Probus QA approach is process visibility and traceability to facilitate the early detection and resolution of emerging program issues. Probus QA processes include process metric definition and collection, verifications of proper project milestone attainment, inspection of project quality records, verification of traceability of implemented system features and uncovered defects to software and system requirements, and progress tracking of software development and testing activities.


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